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Below are links to the 6 newly recorded distance teaching webinars for Google and Microsoft Schools. Our presenters Alison Ambroso, Learning and Innovation Manager for Boxlight, Krista Walker, Professional Development Program Manager for Boxlight, and Marcus Lott, Digital Learning Specialist Boxlight have shared essential skills for Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom and Google Meet.

You may access the recorded presentations by clicking on the links below. 

Google Drive Webinar - 4/13/20

In this webinar we will introduce the most useful features to optimize the use of your Google Drive as you make the shift to online learning with your classes. Teachers will learn how to access, organize, and share their files in Google Drive during the school closures.

Google Classroom Webinar - 4/14/20

Google Classroom is the ideal platform to host your online classroom during the school closure. In this webinar, participants will learn to set up their Google Classroom, add material and classwork, as well as posting assignments to multiple classes. Participants will also be introduced to the Stream as a tool to maintain interaction and connection with your students.

Google Meet Webinar - 4/15/20

It is important to remain connected with our students and communities during the school closure and Google Meet has opened many advanced features during the school closures to make it a wonderful platform for live interaction. In this final webinar of the series, teachers will gain a basic understanding of how to navigate, use, and manage a Google Meet to engage with students, colleagues, and the community.

Transform Learning with MS Teams Webinar - 4/15/20

Microsoft Teams is the digital hub where teachers and students can interact in a remote classroom environment. Teams brings conversations, content, and apps together in one place, streamlining workflow. In this webinar we will explore Microsoft Teams, learn to create channels and tabs, navigate and manage permissions, upload files, start conversations, and integrate assignments.

Crafting a Collaborative Learning Environment with Microsoft Teams Webinar - 4/16/20

In this webinar we will provide an overview of Class Notebook in Teams and its functions for Remote Learning. The Class Notebook is the shared hub for class content and can be integrated with assignments, grades, and multiple apps for education. Participants will be introduced to the Class Notebook sections and gain an understanding of their purpose and application for creating a collaborative learning environment.

Supporting Learning Initiatives with Staff Teams Webinar 4/17/20

Microsoft Staff and PLC Teams provide the perfect location to work with colleagues on projects, lessons, and remote learning initiatives. School administrators, teachers, and staff can communicate and collaborate in one digital location. In this webinar we will explore Teams for Staff collaboration, learn to integrate OneNote, upload files, add and respond to posts, and hold staff meetings using the Meet Now option.


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