Create Continuous and Seamless Remote Learning Experiences

MimioConnect is designed to keep students actively engaged in learning. Teachers can deliver lessons without interruption using this all-in-one solution created for classroom, remote and hybrid teaching. No matter what happens throughout the school year, you can rely on one solution to consistently deliver content to your students while measuring understanding and participation.

  • Get quick access to collaborative Whiteboard tools. Teachers can quickly and easily connect with students and begin using online whiteboard features to illustrate key concepts and help students practice essential skills. Teachers can set collaboration controls that allow students to share annotations with the class. This means students can solve math problems, label diagrams, and brainstorm, all in real time.

  • Build content using your favorite materials. No need to recreate your favorite your lessons. Simply import materials and start building interactive lessons using PPTs, PDFs, YouTube videos, images, third-party whiteboard lessons (.IWB, .Notebook and .Flipchart files), Google Slides, Sheets, Docs & much more. Add polling, labeling, identification, and drawing questions to instantly access understanding.

  • Select from 1,000s of K12 ready-to-teach lessons and assessments. To save educators time, MimioConnect provides supplemental Math, Reading, Science, and Social Studies lessons that can be modified to suite your needs. Click and play to use lessons during group instruction or make them available for independent, self-paced learning.

  • Equal access to instruction, assignments, and grades. At-home learners have the same access to instruction and assignments helping them to keep the pace with in-class learners. Lessons, assignments, and tests can be easily pushed out at the click of a button from their teacher. Once assignments have been turned in, teachers are able to grade and score those assignments using the MimioConnect dashboard in near real-time.

  • Integrations and Single Sign On (SSO). Use your current grading and learning management system (LMS) with ease. MimioConnect integrates with the most widely used LMS systems including Google Classroom, Microsoft, Schoology, Canvas, Moodle, and Blackboard.

Present engaging assessments and collaborative activities from anywhere.

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