Download MimioStudio Classroom Software

Version 12 is now available for Windows!

Studio 12 New Features:
• Studio has an updated UI and is 4K ready.
• Ability to use embedded web pages (use Insert>Web Page).
• New devices (MimioFrame and MimioSpace) activate the Studio software.
• Calibration and debug tools for MimioFrame and MimioSpace are included.
• Ultra-wide and UHD resolutions are now available in Page Setup.

Studio 12 New Improvements:
• Support for latest Boxlight ProColor interactive flat panel displays.
• Improvements to import SMART Notebook, Promethean, and PowerPoint files as well as PDF documents.
• Improved installer, reducing installation time considerably.

MimioStudio software allows educators to create interactive whiteboard lessons, collaborative activities, and perform real-time formative assessment. Download our powerful software today and see what the classroom can be.

Look here for Previous Releases.

Release Notes 12.1 - For Windows only

Release Notes 11.55 - For Mac only

Release Notes 11.53 - For Linux only

Operating System Support

Microsoft Windows Macintosh Linux
Windows XP* Mac 10.6* Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
Windows Vista* Mac 10.7*  
Windows 7 Mac 10.8*  
Windows 8 Mac 10.9  
Windows 10 Mac 10.10  
  Mac 10.11  
  Mac 10.12  
  Mac 10.13  
  Mac 10.14**  

* Version 11 is the last major version of MimioStudio software that will support the Windows XP, Windows Vista and Mac 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8 operating systems
* Version 11.53 does not support Fedora
** Version 10.14 Mac OSX requires special permissions for MimioStudio apps (under System Preferences>Security & Privacy> Privacy >Accessibility) as MimioStudio is not a 64-bit application. If you have this operating system then please follow the steps here -> MimioStudio and Apple Mojave Guidelines

Note: MimioStudio software does not support Write Anywhere, Recorder, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, and multimedia conversion on Linux.

Supported Languages
MimioStudio software supports the following languages:

English Dutch** Norwegian**
Arabic Finnish** Polish
Bahasa Indonesian** French Portuguese (Brazil)
Bahasa Malay* German Portuguese (Portugal)**
Basque** Greek** Romanian
British English Hebrew** Russian
Catalan** Hindi** Slovak
Chinese-Simplified Hungarian Spanish
Chinese-Traditional** Italian Swedish
Croatian** Japanese Turkish
Danish Korean** Vietnamese**

** Help topics are not available in this language, and the software will default to English 

Release Notes 12.1 - For Windows only

Release Notes 11.55 - For Mac only

Release Notes 11.53 - For Linux only