Professional Development for Teachers



We customize the training to the teachers’ skills and day-to-day routine, making sure to enhance teachers’ content-specific instructional practices so students will be successful well beyond just the classroom. All of our trainers are former educators, so they understand how challenging learning and implementing new skills can be. Their goal is to help your teachers save time and use the technology they have more effectively. Successful teachers, successful schools, successful students.

We deliver our training in a variety of formats, so it works for your budget and educators.

  • Certifications: We provide certifications for Microsoft Innovative Educator, OKTOPUS, and MimioStudio™.

  • Virtual and In-Person Training Topics: Our workshops range from one hour to one day, so your teachers can get up and running
    quickly and effectively with all of our solutions.

  • Customized Programs: Our programs are built using a competency-based approach and customized to meet the unique needs of a district or school. The programs are designed to support successful integration of all available technologies with curriculum to increase student engagement and achievement.


Interactive: Most of the time is spent on practical exercises
and developing educational concepts and ideas

Open formula: Includes follow-up after each session,
online complimentary materials, and check-ins

High relevancy: Uses examples for specific grades and
content areas

Full variety of training forms: Face to face (f2f), virtual
and blended, group, individual outside of classroom,
in-classroom, online modules, teacher communities, 1:1
coaching support

Flexible content: Focus on areas of importance for
individual teachers, participants play the roles of co-creators

“Flipped PD” approach: Materials delivered before the
training to allow coaches to use time with participants in the
most efficient way

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