Round Table Discussion
Planning for Enhanced School Safety: an Integrated Communication System from Boxlight

Recorded on Tuesday April 25, 2023 

In this roundtable discussion, we will explore how an integrated communication system from Boxlight can enhance school safety. We will discuss best practices for planning and implementing this system, including strategies for incorporating it into existing emergency operations plans and possible funding sources. Participants will learn how to empower their school communities with tools for communication, collaboration, and quick response during times of crisis. Join us to discover how Boxlight's integrated communication system can contribute to a safer and more secure learning environment for students and staff.

About Our Host
Karleen is the Education Consultant for Boxlight. Serving as our education expert and product specialist, she provides in-depth product demonstrations. Karleen is an experienced educator, coach, trainer, professional development leader, and presenter. She holds her Masters and Education Specialist degrees in Instructional Technology, Media & Design as well as certifications in Special Education, Math, Instructional Technology, and endorsements for Reading and Online Teaching. 

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Our Panelist

Chris-B-Webinar-profile pic

Chris Bundy
Senior Director of Marketing, FrontRow

Creative Writer and Team Leader who is passionate about audio solutions that allow all learners to access instruction for more empowered learning.

Katie-profile pic

Katie Smith
Regional Sales Manager, Boxlight

Katie Smith currently assists schools districts across Texas with successfully implementing technology. She not only shares her expertise in educational technology but also pulls from her own experiences as an elementary math and science teacher. 

Don-Webinar-profile pic

Don Gemeinhardt Ed.D., MBA, MSS (Colonel, Retired USAF)
Director of Strategic Grants and Finance Development

Dr. Gemeinhardt’s experience goes from teaching for 30 years both in and out of the Air Force to currently teaching in education, law enforcement, and business programs and as a curriculum developer in these areas. Dr. Gemeinhardt started out teaching in K-12 as an assistant teacher and from then on loved the educational and training field. After retiring from the Air Force in 2003 he worked for several years in the simulation training development area for the Research Triangle Institute in a wide variety of education, training and analysis efforts and wrote several papers in these areas. Through his own company, Educational, Development and Training (EDT) Systems Inc., he consults for various companies like Boxlight Inc., assisting organizations in grant and proposal efforts along with consulting in various DOD and DHS and DOE efforts in learning management systems.