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Innovative STEM Classrooms
Tuesday, May 17th | 4pm ET

We’ll be sharing inspiring stories about bringing innovation to your science, technology, engineering, or mathematics classrooms. Our group of expert panelists will discuss how technology has impacted the way they teach, share curriculum tips and tricks, and explain how they’ve integrated world and community problems into their curriculum. Plan on joining us to learn from our experts in the field!

About Our Host
Karleen is the Education Consultant for Boxlight. Serving as our education expert and product specialist, she provides in-depth product demonstrations. Karleen is an experienced educator, coach, trainer, professional development leader, and presenter. She holds her Masters and Education Specialist degrees in Instructional Technology, Media & Design as well as certifications in Special Education, Math, Instructional Technology, and endorsements for Reading and Online Teaching. 

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Meet our Panelists

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Science Teacher at The Ron Clark Academy

Daniel Thompson is a graduate of Auburn University, where he received his undergraduate degree in Secondary Science/Biology Education. While at Auburn, Thompson was an undergraduate assistant to the Auburn Tiger football team during their 2010 national championship campaign. He has spent 10 years at the middle school and high school levels cultivating students’ skills in chemistry, physics, and biology. Thompson attributes his success to stern discipline, heightened rigor, deep engagement, thorough inquiry, and critical questioning within the classroom. He firmly believes in developing strong relationships with students to reach the maximum potential within each child. Additionally, Thompson utilizes a blend of whole brain teaching methods along with music and technology to push and engage his students. He also maintains a role system within his classroom to develop skills in communication, collaboration, and critical thinking amongst his students.

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Haley Williams
STEAM/Gifted and Talented Teacher at J.K. Hileman Elementary School, Queen City ISD

"Teaching STEAM has been life-changing for me! I love seeing the look of excitement on mystudents' faces as they work together and problem solve while implementing theengineering design process. I can almost see the light bulbs light up when they get an idea!I feel like STEAM also encourages them to think outside of the box, as well as serve as acreative outlet. Their clever inventions never cease to amaze me!"

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Founder MimioSTEM Product Manager, Boxlight
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Hannah Olson is the MimioSTEM Product Manager at Boxlight and one of the co-founders of, now home to the MimioSTEM suite of curriculum for all Boxlight STEM products. As part of her role, she focuses on developing engaging lesson plans and design challenges for K-12 STEM educators which utilize the Robo 3D printers, MyBot robots, and Labdisc sensors. Olson creates 3D-printable kits, design challenges, programming activities ,and virtual kits so teachers can utilize their STEM technology easily and effectively in their classrooms. She is an active maker both at her job and in her personal life and a firm believer in fostering a lifelong learner mentality.