Download MimioStudio software

Step 1: Install MimioStudio on the teacher’s computer

Download MimioStudio software for the teacher’s computer:
MimioStudio for Windows
MimioStudio for Macintosh
MimioStudio for Linux


Set up the trial in MimioStudio software

Step 2: Set up the trial in the MimioStudio software

Open MimioStudio software on the teacher’s computer and go to:

Help > About MimioStudio. Click on the Evaluate button; then click Yes to start the 30-day trial.

That's it! You are ready to start using MimioStudio FREE for 30 days!



See why MimioStudio is right for your schools, teachers, and students. 

We have created short webisodes to highlight the key features and benefits of our MimioStudio software:


MimioStudio: Leveraging Existing Content
MimioStudio: Lesson Creation
MimioStudio: Importance of Integration
MimioStudio: Save with MimioStudio




Need help getting started with MimioStudio software?

No matter your budget or time constraints, use our online training for teachers to learn how to effectively implement MimioStudio software into the classroom. Resources include no-cost video tutorials, Quick Learn recordings, user guides, and reference cards.

Want an expert trainer with a variety of sessions and time options? Check out our live online Quick Learn sessions to access expert knowledge—available to you from your computer or tablet.

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